Stephanie Quinton. Welcome, Welcome!

Hey All-

So this is my first blog post to everyone. Just a quick introduction… my name is Stephanie Quinton. I am a sophomore student in the College of Arts and Sciences here at American University. I am originally from Westfield, NJ. I transferred to AU in the fall of 2009 from Raritan Valley Community College in North Branch, NJ. I am currently majoring in Environmental Studies and next semester I hope to also double major in C.L.E.G, as well. For all the non-C.L.E.G. majors, it means Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics, and Government through the School of Public Affairs (SPA).

I am interning this semester for the Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of Law Enforcement. My main job entails collecting information from the coastal states and territories and imputing all their information, such as how many hours they worked and such and what they purchased into the NOAA system.

I am signing off for now but I cannot wait to post more!