Helping out the pros, learning how to pitch

Hey fellow interns and esteemed intern blog readers,

I’ve only been at Slate Magazine for two weeks, but I’m already loving it.

Since starting at the Slate, I’ve gotten to know its terrific staff, including writers and editors. They’re wonderful. These people are smart and funny, and they have great energy. I appreciate the warm welcome they gave me. Honest to God, I think the people who work in this office have some of the best jobs in the world. Think about this: they spend their days thinking and writing about politics and culture, sifting through the stories of each day to find. What could possibly be better? What? Interning in the Slate office has reminded me just how much I hope I can work in journalism after college. And I suppose that’s why many student do internships — to sample a potential career.

As far as what I’ve actually done thus far, there are a few stories to tell:

  • I did research for an article Timothy Noah was writing. Tim was even generous enough to include my name in the byline, as you’ll see if you read the piece here. So, that was great. By the way, if you want to see Tim in action, check out his appearance this week on The Rachel Maddow Show:


  • I learned how to pitch stories.