My super fantastic internship

Hi everyone!  My name is Ellie and I am here to share with you the trials and tribulations of my internship this semester with Abraham Harrison LLC.  I am a grad student getting my master’s in Public Communication and hope to someday be a a snarky public relations executive at a big company where I can boss interns around all day…just like Chris Abraham, president of Abraham Harrison.

Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  My internship so far has been anything but getting bossed around.  Abraham Harrison is a public relations company that engages in social media management, online grassroots & new media marketing, business intelligence, search engine services and online reputation clean-up.  Really, really cool stuff.

My responsibilities so far have been reading up on all the latest social media news and info, writing about it for the company blog Marketing Conversation, helping out with blogger outreach for International Medical Corps to raise money for Haiti, and whatever else comes up.  Oh and did I mention this was all done from the comfort of my own home (or the uncomfort of the AU library)?  That’s right, AH doesn’t have a physical office.  Everything we work on is done online and staff live all over the world.  It’s pretty great.

My introduction has been brief, but I hope you’ll check back every now and again to see what I’m up to.  More about blogger outreach next time…