Nothing new AU!

I learned this week the real term of intern…. “clerical, clerical, clerical work!”

Although the American University requirements force my internships to make me do legitimate work for 85% of my time… this week was that 15%.

I have never seen so many people out of the office in my life. Although I tried to do much of my work, how can I do it when I need man the front desk while answering the phones, letting people in the front door, accepting deliveries, and delivering mail?

I think it’s funny that my desk is the only desk that has a scanner. Conveniently, the intern gets the scanner… go figure.

The highlight of the week would probably have been that I was finally moving to my official cubical! (I’ve sat in a temporary cubical in the farthest corner in the office all to myself. It gets very lonely back there. It was just me, the computer, and a dead plant. I’m pretty sure I saw some tumbleweed blowing by.

Hopefully next week will be more eventful!

Signing out!