So excited to meet another expert in the field!

I’ve been very busy doing interviews for an upcoming report that I’ve been working on… working around the schedules of extremely busy folks can be very hard! But, once I get to sit down, I have the opportunity to ask them interesting questions and usually the conversation is more than just an interview, it becomes a knowledgeable exchange of useful information.

Next week, The Brookings Institution will be hosting an event launching the UNESCO report by Brendan O’Malley that focuses on violence against educational institutions, students and teachers.

Once again, I am very excited to be part of an event that will release new and important information concerning those who work in the field of education. Moreover, I’m curious to find out how/why students and teachers in several countries are targeted specifically for striving to advance in this sector. Clearly, there is a real problem here, an emerging pattern almost. One that sadly indicates that we still have people in the world who would like to hold others back. And they are willing to do this at the cost of innocent lives. So, an attack on a school/teacher/student isn’t just any other random act of violence, to me, its more than that. It symbolizes the level of ignorance and disrespect towards higher learning.

Also, I’m excited to view this event from an IPCR perspective. If, in fact, education is under attack, then how can this field be used for peace? How do we transform violent and destructive mindsets? Do we simply provide them quality education? How? Where?