Taking Initiative

This week completes my third week working at WPAS.  I feel I finally “get” the office environment, what is expected of me and where my tasks will take for the remainder of the semester.

While I am working on a variety of smaller projects with deadlines approaching in the next couple weeks, the main project I’m working on does not have a hard and fast deadline.  The student discount project, as I have lovingly begun to call it, is my baby for the semester.  My management has not provided much oversight on the project so far, but that is fine because I simply go to them when I have questions and they are responsive.  I like that they feel they can trust me with handling this.

I am also working with two other WPAS members on this project.  The ticket services manager and their group sales coordinator.  On Thursday, we had a meeting outside of the office with someone who has a history of creating successful student discount programs for the University of Michigan.  It was a productive meeting that added some valuable insight to the project, and reminded me that there are in fact limits and realistic expectations to be placed on every project.

All in all, this internship has shown me what “taking initiative” is all about.  Bosses expect you to get things done without any hand holding. And this is a good thing.  I find the more freedom I am given, the more I seek to achieve.