Office Closures x 5

I feel so disconnected from the world right now, not to mention my internship. The last time I was there was for about two hours last Friday morning. I came in around 10am to wrap some things up, and the left as the snow began to fall around 12:30pm. The office closed shortly after. Ever since then the only thing I have received from WPAS are brief emails simply stating the office will be closed, and notification that our two scheduled performances these past five days were cancelled.

Sadly, one of the performances was a big one – violinist Joshua Bell at Strathmore. Last I saw the numbers, we were nearly sold out. Luckily, we were able to reschedule with Mr. Bell for a date this coming March. Consequentially, all tickets bought will have the ability to be redeemed then.
Our marketing department used the snowy weather as an opportunity to once again promote WPAS’ new online contest: “Classical Winter Games”. Click on the link to find out more! Hint: it is playing off the hype from the Vancouver Winter Olympics to promote the remaining concerts for this season, AND, you have a chance to win cool prizes by entering… Okay, my shameless plug is finished.
Just received word this afternoon that offices will reopen tomorrow. Unfortunately, I live in Virginia, and all above ground rail service is still in-operational. Hence, I’m still stuck in Virginia. We’ll see what the trusty Metro Transit website has to say in the morning.