Thank You, Mother Nature

Thanks to all the snow, all my work appointments/meetings/events were canceled or postponed. Not one to be dejected, I decided to work from home. That’s right, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I conducted a research interview with a former permanent representative to the UN from Pakistan, and our discussion was an interesting, lively conversation as opposed to a research interview. He was very friendly and keeping in mind this interview was off the record, he was more open tosharing his personal insights. From a development perspective, however, I’m not sure if it was all that conducive to what I wanted, but he did touch upon two very interesting concepts I’ve been thinking a lot about recently: grievances and mindsets.

I think the two are interrelated; grievances can shape the way one thinks (in this example; i.e. Pakistan, negatively). They can tailor one’s mindset into being destructive, and since extremist activities are at the epicenter of my research, I’m trying to understand and delve more into how one can become susceptible to terrorism (I have to be careful here, terrorism can be defined in several different ways). What are the main grievances? How can they be addressed? Are they primarily with the government?