One Day of Interning During Snowweek

So after a week of being off of work and having school canceled, I went back to my internship today.
Everyone got a bit of a slow start, but after we figured out how to work the industrial strength coffee machine things started to pick.
I’ve been working on filling out a map of the United States with all the states that the Smithsonian is doing research in, which is pretty interesting. There are quite a few projects that really stuck out in my mind two of which are:
1. In Wyoming a researcher is collecting fossils from a time in history when there were similar changes in temperature to what we are experiencing today
2. Conservation efforts to increase the population of Przewalski’s Horse with the intent of reintroducing the population back into the wild (it’s currently extinct in the wild)

The day ended nicely when they gave us all mini boxes of chocolate for Valentine’s Day!