As we all know, this snow phenomenon has paralyzed the whole city of Washington DC and the surrounding areas. This also heavily impacted the U.S. Federal Government. I learned that every day the Federal Government is forcibly closed, the tax payers lose a total of $100,000,000. On the Friday of the first storm, there was a 4 hour early dismissal and the government did not resume until the following Friday including a 2 hr delayed opening. There was almost $500 million dollars spent on federal employees sitting in their houses all week.

Being from the state of New Jersey, I have experienced a substantial amount of snow and being not  from one of the brightest states (I can only say that because I am from here) in the country I can safely say, we can handle snow. Honestly, I felt that in a city such as Washington DC, there should be better preparation for storms like these. The federal government cannot afford to close offices for about a week! We need adequate plows and streets need to be done promptly.

My roommate sent me a text message from her house telling me that it was already a week past the first storm and they had yet to plow her street. She lives in Maryland.

So on the internship front, I only spent a total of 2 hours at work. This past Friday, I only worked 4 hours and because there was a 2 hour delayed opening…. I only worked two. Just about enough time to say hello, answer two e-mails, hand in my time sheet and pack up and leave.

So I leave you with a fun link: Georgetown vs. GWU