Getting Acquainted with Yours Truly

AU is known for its SIS program, its school of Public Affairs, and uber political students. And yet I’m none of the above. I ended up at AU by fluke (a post for a different time). But let me say, this has not stopped me from absolutely loving it and finding my own niche separate from anything even remotely political. I am a junior here at AU from St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. I’m majoring in Health Promotion with a minor in business administration. What I love most about Health Promotion is that you can take it in so many different directions. I have lots of ideas for what my future career. My major requires two internships so between that and summer jobs I’m hoping to try out a number of these potential career paths.  So where to start?

Well, this semester I’m doing an internship as an assistant Health Educator in the AU Wellness Center. I do several things but my main task is trying to start up a peer health education group that addresses responsible alcohol practices (anyone interested in joining?  ;-). I love my internship advisor and the work that I’m doing is really cool. Health promotion is essentially developing programs that attempt to change some health-related behavior. I have been learning theories and models for two years. And now I’m building a behavior change program from start to finish, pretty much on my own (my adviser is advising, of course lol) But still,  I finally get to put what I am learning into practice!  That may sound simplistic or some of you may agree that a lot of what we learn in college isn’t necessarily completely applicable in the real world or at your first job. I think getting a college degree is more like proving to potential employers that you are capable of being taught and internalizing necessary information. But I’m so lucky that my internship basically mirrors what I learn in my Health Promotion Program Planning class.

So yeah…I definitely love it so far. I hope you will all stay with me throughout the semester.