Riding the wave of work

Work at my internship comes in waves.  Sometimes there is a lull, a dip, in the amount of work to be done.  Then there are other times when the wave crests, like this past week, and all of a sudden something new needs to be accomplished, and quick.

Due to craziness that was Snowmageddon 2010, the office was closed for a week.  If this was the week before the Christmas holiday, it might not have been so bad.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to drop 2 feet of snow right at the time when we are finalizing our 2010-2011 season brochure.  WPAS is doing something entirely new this year with their season brochure (the details of which are yet to be released), so the process for completing it has some new elements involved unlike previous seasons.

My task in all this, as it was assigned to me, was to make contact with the many arts groups in the D.C. area to request a “list trade”.  This is where you agree to exchange the names of people who have bought tickets to your organization for the same from another organization.  The purpose of all this being to obviously expand your own potential audience.  It is a delicate quid pro quo that at times must be managed with kid gloves so as to not come across as pushy.  Furthermore, it makes it more difficult when you are requesting the names somewhat last minute, due to the snow of course.

So, this week was a building wave of work for me.  When I left Friday afternoon, all requests for lists had been made, and the wave began to subside a little bit.  The next wave will begin building Monday, hopefully, when all the responses come flooding back into my inbox.