Working in Planned Giving: Endowments

So, most people know what development is. It is the part of an organization that helps get money! Development is most commonly seen in the Not-For-Profit world, but some for-profits have development as well. What most people don’t know however is that there are several areas of Development; Grants, Foundations, even Special Events! At the USHMM, I am working in Planned Giving. PG is about planning for the future and ensuring the museum remains for future generations. Receiving charitable donations through bequests, estates, IRAs, trusts, and many others donors ensure that the memory and lessons of the holocaust will never be forgotten

One of the most important aspects of development is knowing where donations are meant to go. There are several areas such as the permanent collection, education programs, and the endowment. The endowment is a large pool of money that can be used for the museum’s general purposes and programming. This money is extremely important to have just in case anything were to ever happen, there would be money to fall back on.

This is where my job comes in! Currently, I am going through each and every donor file to see if they have specifically designated their money to go to the General Endowment. It may not seem like the most thrilling job, but it is important information for the museum to have an estimate of how much money they have in the endowment, just in case!!