Covering CPAC, Bonding with Co-Workers

Since I last posted, I had the opportunity to cover the Conservative Political Action Conference for Slate. It was a great experience. I went last Thursday to the Marriott Wardman Hotel near the Van Ness-UDC Metro stop and spent the day interviewing people and listening to speeches.

The article I wrote was about this guy Jason Mattera. He’s a young conservative firebrand and he gave a really red meat speech! It was kind of controversial, actually. The process of writing about it was another great chance to work with an editor. In this case, I emailed back and forth with Michael Newman, who does politics.

Things at the office are great. I’ve done some research for columnist Jack Shafer for a really important piece on plagarism. I’ve really bonded with the other intern, Jenny, who is at Slate as part of her graduate capstone. So that’s really fun. Actually, I feel really bonded to all of the young people in the office. One guy, Chris Wilson, just published a fascinating and important piece on how the U.S. military used social networking tools to get Saddam. Chris is giving a talk about this on Friday at the New America Foundation. I’m looking forward to going to hear him!