Part of the Team

Hi all, my apologies for the delay since my last post! What with the blizzards ravaging the city, schoolwork consuming my life, and a couple slow days in the office, I just didn’t have a whole lot to say!

As of last Friday though, things are really picking up at my internship. As I said before I’m interning with MS&L PR Worldwide, a major international public relations firm. As of last Wednesday and Friday, my work is starting to pile up–and it feels great!

I’ll be honest, for the first weeks of my internship I fell into a bit of the part-time intern slump. At MS&L there are three of us interning, two of which have already graduated and are interning full-time. Thanks to my course schedule, I’m only available to work on Tuesday/Friday afternoons and all day on Wednesdays. Still definitely worth it, but it leads to some confusion in the office as to when I’m working/not working, and, at first anyway, it seemed to cause me to get passed up for a lot of project-based assignments.

Clearly, that’s changed!

Although I can’t give too many details here, I’ll just say that I’ve been put on my first real project team now and I’m thrilled about the opportunity. Involving both digital and environmental themes (two of my biggest passions), it’s allowing me to see a whole new side of public relations.

On top of that, I’m finding that I’m becoming more and more comfortable with the office and the people I’m working with. No longer am I as hesitant to throw out my opinion or suggest a new–sometimes radical–idea or approach to a problem. My skills with social media, online technology, and knowledge of current news in various industries seem to be giving me major strengths when it comes to looking for opinions and ideas.

That’s not to say I’m not learning. Oh rest assured, I’m always learning! In fact, just a few weeks ago I wrote my first pitch letter–it was awful. Thanks to one my coworkers (who’s amazing!) I’ve toned up my pitch-writing a bit and I’m hoping to get more practice in throughout the semester. Sometimes it’s the littlest things, what might seem like the simple, tedious parts of PR, that are really the toughest to learn. Indeed, since I have yet to be taught that in a class (although my PR writing professor tells me it’s coming soon!), learning it on the job is an even more valuable experience.

In summary: things are great. More to come.