Something To Show For Yourself

I’m coming up with a flier that highlights some of the top Spring Break destinations this year and tips for staying safe. Kate made a great point that I can use this flier as part of my portfolio to show potential employers. Honestly, I had never considered that I could even have a portfolio. I think of those as more for models and art students. But really, a student of pretty much any major can develop a portfolio that showcases their work. Having something tangible to show at an interview is a great advantage. And be creative when deciding what to include. For instance, an example of my blog post could be appropriate when I’m applying to some jobs. The flier is another great example. Those are all the ideas I have right now (LOL) but you bet I’m gonna think up some more. For those of you in other fields and internships, can you think of some things you could include in your portfolio? P.S. Look out for my flier to be included in some Spring Break bags available from the Wellness Center 🙂