Antarctica Lecture

The fun news from me this week was being able to attend a lecture that Secretary Clough gave about his recent trip to Antarctica. He spoke about some of the research being done there now, and the summer weather they have now made for some great pictures.

Secretary Clough also mentioned some points I thought readers might be interested in knowing:

  • The station has switched over to using wind power as a cleaner source of energy
  • Antarctica has many sites of historical interest, like Shackelton’s huts, as well as several points of historical engineering interest, which need to be more actively conserved
  • Several penguin populations are not doing very well, largely due to climate change which has affected their food supply and access to the ocean.

At the end of the lecture, everyone who had been to Antarctica before was asked to raise their hand, and I was shocked to see that what seemed to be 15-20 people raised their hands!

As for next week, hopefully I will be able to attend a tour of Capitol Hill that has been set up for the other interns and I!