Part of the “Bigger Picture”

Hi again everyone!  So I wanted to take the opportunity to write my second blog post about what the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies really does.  The culture there is very dynamic and diverse and I never feel pressure, yet I do feel like I am really contributing to the bigger picture.   I think giving a sense of what FDD does is captured very well by their mission statement: “The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD) is the only nonpartisan policy institute dedicated exclusively to promoting pluralism, defending democratic values, and fighting the ideologies that threaten democracy.”  It was founded after 9/11 (although the ideas were brewing long before then) when it seemed like the right opportunity to start putting these ideas into action.  The Foundation really believes that democratic values are the keys to making the world a safer place.  With the world so threatened today by terrorism and weapons that we may not even know exist, FDD is committed to promoting the rights that everyone should be entitled to and what our country is based on: freedom.  We are a non-profit which means we run on donations.  I will admit, when I went into the company I was really picturing some low-level start-up with a small budget.  Since I work in the development department, I see first hand these donation that we receive, and although I cannot say much about the finances, I will say the amount of contributions that we receive from people who are committed to making the world safer is monumental.  Since I work with the donors, I really have an exciting job.  Most of the people who are involved in the Foundation have such interesting pasts and it is enjoyable to learn about them.  The Foundation also conducts a speaker series every few weeks especially for the interns, and so far we have only had one, but they are really awesome and give us a chance to see the different minds involved in FDD.  I will definitely write more about these talks once I attend more!