A Week Of Firsts

This was an eventful week for me. I made my first brochure all by myself which I handed in to Kate. She really liked it. She is still going to make a few changes I’m sure, but I will be sure to post the final copy for you all to see. So after that, we just have to make copies and put it in all of the bags to distribute.It is crazy to think that something I made from scratch will be in there. I was so nervous about what to include/not include and how everything would come across to the student population. I am such a second-guesser (is that a real word, even?) LOL. That is definitely a characteristic I need to refine. In my field I will constantly be designing health promotion programs and materials for them and I need to be confident in my work.  Well, the positive feedback from Kate was great  and  has boosted my confidence tons. It is something I plan to keep working on 🙂

My second “first” was I made my first presentation without Kate. Granted, I wasn’t doing the typical alcohol presentation. Instead I spoke to the SOC Ambassadors about the resources Kate provides through the Wellness Center. This way they can relate them to the potential students they are trying to recruit. The director for the Wellness Center, was there to speak too. Oddly enough that really didn’t make me nervous. Kate had given me handouts and I was super familiar with everything I was supposed to talk about. So it  went quite seamlessly. Kate thought maybe I would have a problem talking to students my age but it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. I think that’s more of a mental thing. I’m not chastising or criticizing anyone so there really is no reason for me to feel nervous presenting to peers. Afterwards, the director said I did a great job. Phew 🙂 I guess this means I’m ready to do my first “real” presentation on my own. Another confidence boost. I’ll take as many as  I can get 😀

For anyone interested in the AOD (Alcohol & Other Drug) resources we have available at AU, I’ll list a few. And definitely get in touch with Kate if you are further interested.

  • interactive group presentations
  • self-assessment tools
  • referrals
  • one-on-one meetings
  • National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week
  • Student Campus Culture Task Force

Keep in mind these resources are for anyone: people who choose to drink as well as those that don’t. The main goal is to promote behaviors that are good for the individual as well as the larger community.

That’s it for me. Anyone want to share some of their own firsts?