Internship- A stepping stone to success

Hello everyone. My name is Pinkie and I am a Sophomore pursuing my honors in Computer Science.

As Donald Trump once remarked- “Without passion you don’t have energy; without energy you have nothing.”

I always had the passion to learn and explore new things while at school. Soon, the AU Career Center made me realize that an Internship would be a perfect opportunity to do so. With loads of AU Career Center resources to backup, I had a clear idea of the kind of internship that I need to look for. I finally landed with a Web Internship at the American Institute for Cancer Research in DC.

So far, my web internship has been an amazing experience and I am very optimistic that it is a stepping stone to bridge the gap between the academic and corporate world.My office atmosphere is very vibrant filled with loads of positive energy and encouragement. The best thing about my work place is that My Manager hands over the tasks and sets goals but never stresses on how the task need to be handled.In this way, I am given the complete freedom to try and explore new ways and open the doors of creativity.

I am very enthusiastic about this opportunity and look forward to keep you updated on the nuances of my internship experience. Stay tuned as there is more to come!!!