A late day

Today I got to go on a Capitol Hill group tour that was set up for the Smithsonian Interns. It was a pretty great experience, because I’ve never gotten to see the inside of the Capitol Building, but I wasn’t very excited about having to throw away my lunch (I hadn’t realized you’re not allowed to bring food into the building, and hadn’t stopped by the office to drop my lunch off before going to the tour).

To make up for losing my lunch, I got to be part of a design meeting for the Festival to talk over some important aspects of creating a map to show where the Smithsonian is doing research both within and outside of the United States. I also have now successfully found at least one research project in every state! Both of these things were more than enough to make up for my lunch escapades! 

It was also nice to be complimented on a job well done (one of the designers was impressed with not only the amount of research I had found, but the way I had organized the information, and that I had been able to anticipate extra details that I had not been specifically asked for). It was nice to know that I was on the right track.