Writing practice makes perfect

I’ve never written so often in my life.  With this blog, my own blog and Abraham Harrison’s company blog, Marketing Conversation, my days are packed with writing.  But what better way to prepare for a career in PR –  a profession that is based on one’s ability to effectively communicate – than by honing my writing (read: communication) skills?

And I’ve not just been writing blogs during my internship.  I’ve also written case studies, client success stories, and employee bios.  Each assignment, while different, is about knowing who I’m writing for, what is the most important information to convey, and how to do it in a succinct, yet interesting way.

I recently finished writing up a case study on the blogger outreach I did for International Medical Corps.  I had to write just one page summarizing the context of the activity, the goal of AH’s communication strategy, the tactics used to reach that goal and finally the results of the outreach.  Then I had to boil all that down to one concrete results statement that not only communicated what our effort had accomplished, but also positioned AH as the best company for the job.  Not easy.  But a really good exercise in developing targeted and concise messages which I’m positive is a skill I’ll need for any job in PR.