It’s Spring Break! (minus the beach and pina coladas)

Coming to graduate school after a four year break between my undergrad, I looked forward to once again enjoying  a spring break full of pina colada’s and warm weather somewhere South of the Border.  Haha!  Who am I kidding?

No, this Spring Break I will remain in D.C., helping to finish up details on the 2010-2011 Washington Performing Arts Society season.  I can’t release details as of yet, but I can say there are some HUGE names coming our way.  From singers to jazz artists, there are plenty of goodies beginning Fall 2010.  My role in this process has included collecting multi-media for our new online brochure, set to launch very soon. 

In addition to the craziness that is planning the new season offerings, I have been working to complete a student performing arts participation survey.  You can take it here and become eligible to win two tickets to an upcoming WPAS performance.  Please check it out.