Top 5 Reasons to Work at NatGeo

1. The Cafeteria: I had heard we had a cafeteria but the 5th grader in me was too scared to venture to the big, bad lunch room all alone. When I finally mustered up enough courage, I discovered what all the rage was about. Basically, imagine a cleanier, yummier, CHEAP version of TDR. Apparently the food is somehow subsidized, so you can get a full meal for under $6.

2.The discounts: Whether 25% or five-finger, there are so many discounts being thrown at National Geographic employees. You can get 25% off any purchases at the Museum store and in other departments of the company. Also, a lot of us reap the benefits of too many magazines/DVDs/books/etc. and a major lack of storage. Sometimes in ILA (my department), I’ll make a comment about how some magazine was really cool and five minutes later I have my own copy.

3. Brushing shoulders with the world’s most famous photographers: My first day of work was coincidentally the Society’s 2010 Photography Seminar. Really, they should call this the “Sitting Next to Amazing Photographers and Hearing/Seeing What They’ve Been Working On Before Anyone Else Sees These Photos” Seminar (I’m sure that was the working title). There was so much talent in one room, and any NG employee could go.

4. You can be the next world-famous photographer: At that same Photography Seminar, interns just like you and me were given the same amount of time as the Joel Sartore’s of the world to show things they’ve been working on. Unfortunately, I have zero photography skills so I probably won’t be the next NG photographer.

5. It just feels good at the end of the day: As I mentioned in the title of my first post, NG’s mission is “Inspiring People to Care About the Planet.” Being an “advertising person,” we don’t usually get the rep of being kindhearted people who care about the well-being of the world. National Geographic has taught me that you can be in marketing and still have a soul!