Sorry I have been Missing In Action. Last week was midterms, which I’m sure everyone can relate to LOL. And instead of spending my Spring Break doing something fun and exciting, I actually got my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday. Not something I want to repeat but overall my experience has had minimal discomfort. Thank goodness!

So since this week is Spring Break I haven’t been going to my internship (obvi, LOL). But it is the perfect time to think ahead for some of the assignments due at the end of my internship.We have to keep weekly journals and turn them in to our advisor once a month. That’s definitely something that can easily get away from a busy student so I have to make sure I stay on top of that. Blogging helps, because I normally have similar themes in my journal entries as well as my blog posts. We also have to write a 10-12 pg paper on one of the topics provided to use from out faculty advisor. I have written the first paragraph which is always the hardest thing for me to do. Now it’s time for me to buckle down and do the rest 🙂 Over spring break I would love nothing more than to laze around, but I am well aware that I will be a much saner person at the end of the semester if I get a significant amount of work done now. I am really bad at sitting and working on one thing for hours on end so I do a little bit at a time. If I’m working on a paper, I write one paragraph every once in a while. It makes my work seem way more manageable than telling myself I have to write 5 pages by the end of the day. 5 pages is a great goal to have but it often overwhelms me and I end up not writing  anything at all cause I think it will take too much time. So I set small very achievable milestones for myself. It makes me way more likely to actually do work and when I have written that paragraph I can say I accomplished my goal for the day. Crossing things off my to-do list is such a mood-booster for me 🙂

Leave some tips about strategies that work for you when doing long-term projects. Enjoy Spring Break !