Fun at work

Hi Folks

I am back in action. Hope everyone had a wonderful spring break.  I just completed working on a fun but challenging project at my work place and I would like to share it with you.

My colleagues were looking to organize a live health professionals’ online chat session on the AICR website and needed help in figuring out an appropriate solution. Being a web intern, I jumped on the opportunity as I thought this would be a great way to help them achieve their goals as well explore my hidden potential. I sat down with my Manager and chalked out the three most important aspects needed for any project

a)Goal- What are we trying to accomplish?

b)How are we trying to accomplish?

c)budget involved

d)What is the expected outcome?

Having obtained a solid clarity on these, I started the exploring a list of options, out in the market.

I started with a simple matrix with the above parameters in mind. Soon, I came up with a list of possible solutions.

Then, I went back to my Manager and provided a synopsis of my research. We figured out the most optimal solution and tried a sample mockup. Voila,  it worked and we were happy as it turned out to be great.  We then conducted our first online live chat session with the public and the response has been tremendous. I am glad and proud that I had made a difference in the way we conduct our outreach activities with the public and this gave me a lot of satisfaction.

I am looking forward for more such challenging opportunities as this is just one feather in my cap..More to come, stay tuned!