Out with the Old, In with the New

After the current congressional hearings that included our office, we have been under close watch by government agencies looking for any form of wrong doing.

There is always a happy atmosphere in the office where everyone says hi to everyone and takes 5 minutes out of their day to catch up on things. I am crossing my fingers that the atmosphere can still remain but I know that these hearing have really hurt the future of my office.

Just last Thursday, one of my superiors was turning 57 years old so I brought in cupcakes and a significant amount of the office gathered around him and sang him happy birthday. Usually this would be okay and the directors would join in but this time we had government agencies in talking about our work ethic. Needless to say, the director did not seem to happy when he walked in to quiet us down.

A 5 minute celebration of a once a year birthday turn sour.

Before I interned for the government, I always thought there were people consistently sitting in their cubical working diligently 24/7 with one goal in mind and that one goal was to produce as much as possible in their work day. Needless to say I forgot that government employees are normal people too. They get their work done efficiently but they too need breaks. Those 5 minute hello’s should not be considered a detriment to the working atmosphere, rather they should be considered a positive action.

I know we all think that the government makes miracles or in some cases crushes miracles, but we all have to remember that we THINK there is this high and mighty government instead of remembering that it consists of many average people who wake up at 6am and sit at a desk from 8am to 5pm like everyone else. They do not live breath and eat government. They are people outside the office with spouses, family, and children. There is a face behind the research, government statistics and published articles.

How would you feel at work if you could not say hi to your co-worker without getting looked at or talked to because you are not fully working 100% of your time?

With these hearing, the bar has been set too high, and what the government wants is the perfect work environment with the perfect work people who work til their arms fall off.

Not to set a political statement but if they demand perfection, they should be perfection. Don’t throw a stone if you live in a glass house.