I completed a first draft of the training module on Mixed Methods Research and submitted it to my bosses a couple weeks back.  I just recently received their reviews and it seems I have some work to do.  I guess the problem I ran into was being unsure exactly who my audience is and how in-depth to make it.

I’m no expert on research methods.  I took a Stats class last semester that afforded me some orientation to quantitative methods.  So some of this work must train me first, then I must apply some concepts of pedagogy to the stuff.  So you can see that knowing who I am talking to makes a big difference.  I was told these modules are for practitioners in the field of conflict resolution.  But practitioners can be anyone from people with an MA in IPCR here at American to people with little formal education that are trying to improve their communities.  I am used to writing in a particular style since I was an undergrad, so I must remind myself to shed the academic language.  To make these modules engaging for anyone.  It’s tough.  Not as easy and straightforward as I anticipated.  But that makes it more exciting!