Taking Stock

So we are almost done with the semester…crazy, right ?! It’s surreal. I feel more like we are in the middle of the semester. I mean we did just finish midterms. And this is the point where I slowly feel myself getting off track. It’s so easy to lose focus. At my internship I have to make a conscious effort to stay on point. This week I plan on taking a step back and doing an inventory of where I am. I’ll go back to my goals and objectives and evaluate any progress I’ve made. What do I hope to accomplish before the end?

It’s definitely important for me to stay in touch with reality though. With only 1 month left of classes I can only do so much. Making lofty plans that aren’t feasible will only serve to disappoint me at the end of my internship. This “taking stock” process is great to do with your advisor. Kate and I have 2 hours together to go over everything. I plan on asking her what she thinks of my work so far as well as what she views as really important for me to work on in these upcoming weeks. Between the two of us, I know we can come up with an action plan that will leave us both satisfied 🙂 Tootles!