Speaker Series

I wanted to write a blog post about the speaker series that we have here at FDD.  They are events built into our internship program that feature numerous interesting people who speak for about an hour and take questions from the interns.  It is a great networking and learning experience.  One of the speakers that we got to hear was a man named Khairi Abaza who works at FDD where he is focused on democratic reform in the Arab world, the spread of terrorism, and the influence of the media on politics.  He also does work with the campus programs at FDD which is why he came and spoke to us.  He is a former member of the Egyptian Wafd party, which is what he spoke to us about.  He gave a description of how Egypt made the transformation to an Islam state and how it rejected democracy.  It was a very interesting talk and Mr. Abaza has an extensive amount of knowledge on the subject.   It really showed me one of the main reasons why our Foundation is working so hard to achieve our goals.