Still More Reasons I’m Happy to Intern with the Smithsonian…

Though I certainly don’t need any more reasons to be happy to intern with the Smithsonian, the past two weeks gave me still more opportunities to appreciate interning with the Smithsonian.

Two Fridays ago I was able to go to the Embassy of Mexico’s Cultural Institute for a special viewing of the Elizabeth Catlett in Mexico art show they have there, which was very interesting.

Today I got to go to a preview of the Human Origins exhibit, which will be unveiled tomorrow at the National Museum of Natural History. They were putting the finishing touches on the exhibit while we walked through, but the famous Cro-Magnon skull was already in its place. Seeing the real Cro-Magnon skull was one of my favorite parts of the exhibit, along with the section on early human art.

As far as my project goes at work, we’re getting closer to finishing the map everyday. This week we will work on deciding which specific projects and items will make it to the final map, and writing descriptions to go along with them.