Brochure Time :)

So I finally have gotten around to posting the much talked about brochure I created. It’s no professional job but I was going for an informal tone that would appeal to college students and I am happy with the way that turned out. As far as my “taking stock” process”, everything seems to be right on track. I not only talked to my internship advisor but also my AU faculty advisor about my end of the year projects. I feel really good about the rest of the semester. I may not be this positive in a couple of weeks when I have finals, projects, and  an internship reflection paper due but that’s a worry for another day ;).

In other news, I was writing an essay for a summer internship today and I was able to say that my communication skills had been strengthened by my blogging for the Career Center (and some other activities I did this year LOL). Who knew the resume building process could actually be enjoyable 😀 I think enjoyable is a great word to describe my internship experience thus far. Kate and I have another presentation to do this weekend. We went over it in-depth on Tuesday and I feel super comfortable about it. The more I do the less nervous I am. Plus, I feel well-prepared. I asked her a billion questions while we were prepping but it was worth it. Mucho questions=little nerves.

That’s all for now but I will be sure to post after  our presentation on Sunday!