New People, New Opportunities

One of my favorite things at my internship is meeting new people.  It is a different culture working there because there are many people on the board and who work for the company, but only about 30 members are staff and work at the office full-time.  So I generally only see the staff day-to-day, but occasionally some other interesting person will come to the office and walk around and I get to meet them.  Yesterday, Ambassador Richard Carlson, who is a member of our board, came to the office to work for the day.  I met him and not only was he a very pleasant man, but his experiences were so vast and interesting.  He was the US Ambassador to the Republic of Seychelles (small islands off the coast of Madagascar) from 1991-1992. From 1986-1991, he was Director of the Voice of America and Associate Director of the US Information Agency.  He currently hosts a radio show entitled “Danger Zone” which is broadcast in the US, Canada, Europe, Africa and Asia.  It basically is a discussion radio show that talks about the inner workings of our national security system.  Ambassador Carlson hosts various guests on the show to have heated discussions and debates.  It was so interesting to meet a person who has so many accomplishments under his belt, and who still works to defend the greater good.  I would have loved to talk to him for hours about his experiences, especially because he was also the director of Voice of America for the last six years of the Cold War, which I am sure he has wonderful and fascinating stories from these years.  So now I am happy to say that when FDD staff refers to “the Ambassador” I know exactly who they are talking about!