School Work + Internship Experience = Match Made in Heaven

My graduate capstone project is due in approximately 5 weeks.  Eek!  So that means school work is taking priority over internship work for a while.  Well, sort of.  Inspired by my internship and newfound interest in social media, I decided my project will be an analysis of the social media strategies of four companies: Ford, Chevy, Starbucks and Chinatown Coffee Company.

So while I haven’t been putting in the same hours each week at Abraham Harrison that I have in the past, I am still reading, writing and breathing all things social media.  By integrating my internship experience with the theme of my capstone project, I am able to take advantage of the knowledge of my colleagues at AH and continue to learn both inside and outside my internship…even if my hours inside are shrinking a bit.

Therefore, for any of you readers who are considering an internship someday: don’t settle for a position just to fill up space on your resume.  Pick something that supplements your interests, and course work.  At least for me, it lessens the stress of a 40-60 page research paper due in 5 short weeks.