I’m Back!

Hi All, I’m back from my fabulous trip to the Netherlands! What a beautiful country. My family is there for a while because of business, and live about an hour and a half south-east of Amsterdam. We drove up there and I did see the Anne Frank House, which I was very excited about because of my involvement with the museum, obviously, and you name it, we did…except for some things which were off-limits due to the fact i was traveling with 4 children under the age of 13.  🙂 We did a million other things, but I don’t feel the need to bore you with stories of my family vacation.

Back at work this week and its going well. I hit a little bump in the road on Monday when they made me move desks again. Seriously starting to be a real pain. Is it too much to ask to just have a desk I can leave all my stuff at each night and know in the morning it is going to be there? Having to constantly move around, change floors, and update computers to fit my needs is such a hassle. I’m trying to make the most of it though and am meeting new people around the museum! Steve, the tech guy, and I are practically best friends haha.

I’ve finally started working with Team Approach, the museum’s database to keep track of donors, members, etc. I’m familiar with Razer’s Edge, but this is so different. It is a very weird program, not sure how I feel about it yet. It is not very user-friendly. Anyhoo, all the work I did looking through files and finding information about donations made to the endowment now has to be updated into Team Approach. So, I think this is Part 2 of my project.

Things are getting SUPER busy now at the Museum because Days of Remembrance is fast approaching, the 2nd week of May. This is a 3 day event including a tribute dinner (only $325 a plate, yikes) with Speaker Attorney General Eric Holder. This dinner pays tribute to the US Soldiers who helped defeat the Nazis during WW2 and liberate Holocaust survivors. This year’s event is going to be extremely special as many veterans are going to be in attendance. I am lucky enough to get to work this event, although I’m not entirely sure yet in what capacity.  I’ll keep you posted!!!