AIPAC Policy Conference 2010

So today marked the beginning of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) Policy Conference 2010 in which many people on the staff at FDD attended.  You may have heard about the AIPAC conference in the news, but basically AIPAC is one of the biggest pro-Israel lobbying groups, and it holds this conference yearly to promote pro-Israel policy, strengthen the relationship between the United States and Israel, and ensure that Israel remains strong and free.  There are many speakers at this three-day conference, and some of the staff at FDD were part of this.  This event is especially relevant considering the recent events concerning Israel-US relations.  They have been a long-standing ally of ours, and we constantly support them, but about a week ago, Israel authorities decided they wanted to build apartment complexes in areas that Palestinians believe they own.  This made the Palestinians upset, and the US believed it was the wrong move to make.  Hilary Clinton spoke at the conference today and said that the US will continue to support Israel and received standing ovations from the audience.  To read about such a large event such as this, and then to know that I helped my supervisor prepare for it is a huge honor and makes me feel very important and confident in the work we do here at FDD.  Hopefully the rest of the conference will be a success!