As Promised…

I know I said I would blog on Sunday night but with my crazy schedule that has somehow turned out to be Monday afternoon. I’m sure you will all forgive me. Anyways, as promised I’m here to report on how Kate and my presentation went yesterday evening. It was great! The audience was super interested and asked questions. It was definitely the best presentation I have done with Kate so far. One thing I learned is that who you are presenting to can definitely influence the quality of your presentation. Is it a boss, friend, colleague, family members?  If the audience is interested and engaged and especially if they requested your presence, chances are they will make your presentation better. You can really feed off their energy. But there are times when presentations have to be made to people who don’t want to hear about your topic. Maybe it is an uncomfortable topic. I’m also a LOVE SHACK (Sexual Health And Contraceptive Knowledge) peer educator and I know that sometimes presenting on safe sex topics can be a little weird. But if you are in the field of health education (although this is not specific to health education by any means) it is imperative to develop the skills that allow you to draw your audience out. Y ou must be able to communicate your message even to disinterested parties. I hope to be a teacher one day so it is definitely something I know I will encounter. I’m sure we can all imagine having students who are completely uninterested in learning certain things.

But like I said, last night we had an amazing audience. Even Kate seemed more enthusiastic than normal (and she’s normally very enthusiastic 🙂 Hopefully, we get to do a couple more before the end of the semester. My current task is trying to jazz up the Wellness Center  website a bit. Not really in terms of pictures of graphic design but with links about relevant health topics and miscellaneous information that would be interesting to the college population. If you can think of anything you would be interested in seeing on our Wellness Center website, leave some comments. Thanks 🙂