It’s been incredible working on health care while interning for AARP. They have been really influencial. I watched some of the tlaking head shows on sunday before th passage and many congressional leaders mentioned key items like closing the odgnut hole for seniors which has been something AARP has worked hard to ensure. IT is amazing being parto f this and knowing that the information I look up goes in to policy changes that can havea huge impact. It is knowing that there is a larger context than jsut the organization and that the organization is a very significant part of the context. I also worked for Senator Kennedy for years before this internship and I cna’t help thinking this on’es for him! He ofught so hard for this and would be so proud. So much of the current work could only have been done by things he laid thegroundwork for. He really laid the founation for health care reform and he is so much a part of the health care reform.