Another Speaker

Today at FDD, we had another speaker come in and talk to us as part of the Intern Speaker Series.  His name is Klon Kitchen and he works as an International Counterterrorism Fellow at the National Defense University.   In the past he has been the Chief of the Extremist Messages & Influence at National Counterterrorism Center, the Senior Program Assessment Officer at Office of the Director of National Intelligence and a Senior Analyst at the Al-Qa`ida Senior Leadership at Defense Intelligence Agency.  He gave an excellent talk about the status of the world and terrorism as it stands today.  He first spoke about a “security paradox” that the United States faces, which means that because the conflicts we face are long, hard and extremely expensive in terms of lives and money, but there is no way we can just leave these conflicts alone.  So it is a huge problem because the US can’t win them but if left alone, a decisive threat is there which could lead to an attack similar to 9/11. He spoke about the problem of the United States not having a “grand plan” about their foreign policy, and how this causes several problems internationally.  Overall he was an excellent speaker who really had great points and gave us a lot to think about.  I really enjoyed it because he gave a good insight into what is currently going on now inside the National Security sector of our government.