Nearing the End

I realized at the end of last week, that my time at my internship is coming to a close. I remember how nervous I was the first few days working at the office, but I quickly began to look forward to going in every day, and felt completely at home there. 

The experience has been very valuable, I feel very prepared to enter any new place of work in the future. I have learned office etiquette that was best experienced firsthand, as well as typical office protocols. One of the major aspects of office life I had not expected to be as important as it was, was the use of email. Almost all communication at the office is at least begun over email, if not mostly conducted through email. I had to learn to continually check my email to not miss important details, and to conduct myself appropriately over the email listserv as well.

Besides the technical aspects which my internship helped me improve upon, I also very much liked the friendly atmosphere of my office. The friendly people I met at work also made me feel more comfortable about fitting in easily in any new office I would work at, and I will miss them when my internship is over

All in all, interning with the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Center has really helped me feel comfortable about the new situations pursuing a career will put me in, not to mention its relevance to my major as a nice beginning to pursuing a career in Anthropology,