Attitude at Work

As an intern, apart from working on fun and challenging projects,I realized that one of the most important aspects in a work environment is building cordial relationships with your colleagues.

It’s a good practice to establish commendable rapport with your peers.
It would enhances team spirit and enrich you as a person and a better human being.

Well, the more you get to know a person, the better and you would be able to appreciate their worth.You might not know, you may have a friend waiting to be unleashed within your colleague.

Are you still contemplating??
A small smile or just a “hello”,when your colleague passes by, would be a great start.It might sound ridiculous to some, but it does help in the long way. Well, people would appreciate your act, though you might not realize it.

Try it out and feel the difference. You will be happy that you started your day on a positive note.