Outreach Outreach Outreach

After completing an ad analysis last week, it’s on to more personable duties.

For this week and next, I’ve been tasked with assisting the group sales manager with outreach on two particular concerts. It’s a lot tougher than you might initially think. Figuring out which groups to target based on what the concert is or who the artist is, can be a true test of finding the hidden angle of association.

It’s not just other music related groups we contact, although they are the first resort. We also contact ethnic heritage groups, depending on the ethnic background of the artist. Different religious groups who like to organize social outings with their congregations. The plethora of random student groups throughout all the universities here in D.C. The list goes on and on. The more creative, the better.

The hard part is first collecting all the contact information and determining who are the most relevant contacts for a particular concert. Second, one must craft an email that really speaks to that particular group. No boiler plate email here! Lastly, but probably most importantly, once you do get a bite or even a nibble of interest from one of the groups you contact, you must do three things. Follow-up, Follow-up, Follow-up! Keep the interest alive until they are purchasing 20 tickets for themselves and their other nineteen Scandinavian, sitar music loving friends. 🙂