Read, read, read…

These past few weeks have been a bit slow, so I’ve been focusing primarily on getting my class readings done (it’s been a while since I accomplished that).
However, something very interesting happened while I interviewed someone as part of my research: I was offered a summer job! In Pakistan! I know, everyone’s reaction has been the same: why in the world would you be excited at the prospect of traveling to Pakistan in the blistering heat. Well, for those who would like to know why, here are my reasons at accepting the offer:
1). I haven’t been to my homeland in ten whole years. I miss it a lot.
2). It would be nice to work at the nation’s first liberal arts university!
3). I’d get to run my own workshop on faculty development.. I’m very excited to incorporate ideas of peace and conflict resolution in an educational setting, that’s been all my work in the past few months anyway, why not put it to good practice now?
and 4). it’s my homeland. i miss it.

Even though the funding still needs to be secured, and a couple of logistical things need to be sorted out, I am very excited because my proposal was accepted!

Now, I’m back to work… wish me luck!