Intern survial kit

Well, you read it right. Getting an internship is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to plan well ahead as to how you would sail throughout the semester to come out with flying colors. Some of the key factors that have helped me throughout my stint and might be worth pondering are to

* Understand the goals of the Organization
* Respect Team members and never show signs of ego or arrogance
* Always display the attitude – “If my team wins, I win”
* Display high levels of enthusiasm and motivation
* Be unique and think out of the box
* Never assume, always ask and clarify
* Last but not the least, know well ahead what is expected during your stint and try to exceed
the expectations, if possible.

At the end of your stint, make sure to ask your Manager for feedback on how you handled tasks and the ways in which you could have done better. Constructive feedback is the foundation for a rock solid career and make sure you build it perfect!