Since it seems lately that the internships have been slow with new and exciting things to report about, and everyone has been giving advice and anecdotes, I will follow suit. Recently, the administrative assistant/ intern coordinator told me I was one of the best interns they’ve had. I am only saying this not to toot my own horn at all, because it honestly came as a surprise to me. I am not the smartest intern there by any means, my major (being International Business) is way different from the Middle Eastern and Security studies degrees that everyone else there is pursuing, and sometimes I get very frustrated with my work because I feel like I just can’t get it right. So when she told me this, it not only made me happy, but it really made me think about why she said this, and thought since the purpose of this blog is to help others with internships, I would pass along what I think makes me a ‘good’ intern. First, I am not afraid to open my mouth. There are a ton of interesting and extremely intelligent people in my office, and although this intimidates me a lot, I have made a point to talk to almost everyone at the office. Even if it is just a passing hello while getting coffee, or if I actually get to work with them, I’ve noticed this is one difference between myself and the other interns. They only interact with the people they directly work with, and in turn, no one else there really notices their work no matter how good it may be. I have actually had people in other departments ask me to do something for them just because they know me. Although this can make me really busy, I enjoy it because they are so grateful when I help them out. So, just simply being friendly and going out of your comfort zone has really helped me in my internship, and I am happy to say that having a personality and a good head on your shoulders CAN get you far in your career!