When Christmas Comes to Town

It’s snowing outside (this case April showers), and it’s just cold enough for jacket and mittens (in this case warm enough for shorts and a t-shirt). All the children get ready for bed (co-workers locking up their offices) and while everyone’s sleeping presents are scattered around the tree (in this case the office).

As you all know, this past month, my office has been under Congressional review. 😦 Long hours, endless photocopies and no time for breaks or error. Our review finally ended. Or at least for now it has. The present isn’t necessarily a big box with a toy inside but rather it’s the invisible gift. The gift of not receiving phone calls saying Congress needs this or NOAA offices need that. It’s the gift of peace, or normalcy.

Interning here is a rewarding job. I go into work everyday and talk with people who hold seats of power, see how the office is run and learn life long lessons as I go along.

One of my lessons is … technology isn’t always perfect and that the human mind is always the solution to a technological problem. When you’re stressed out… there is always a walkway outside your building… use it and take a walk. When you need something to get done and need help, there is an office full of people to help.

You create a work family that can never change.