NatGeo isn’t just for old people!

So I’ve been busy working on projects regarding 2009 advertising in our International Editions at NatGeo. But only today, a random Sunday afternoon, did I realize that the image of NG abroad totally doesn’t match up with the image here in the US. When I tell someone I intern at National Geographic, their first reaction is: “My Grandma/Grandpa/Great Aunt/Old _____ loves National Geographic!” I get it. Old Americans love it.

But in almost every market abroad, the target market is 18 to 34 year olds who like high-quality luxury goods, who love to travel and know how to work with technology. You probably don’t believe me, and that’s fine. But you should believe the international auditors who, every year, audit the magazine and define the target market (I totally didn’t know these kinds of auditors even existed).

Audi. Corona. Volkswagen. North Face. These are some of the biggest advertisers in International Editions of National Geographic. I can’t say I know much (read: anything) about the brands that advertise in the US version of National Geographic Magazine, but I definitely haven’t see my grandma cruising in an Audi or climbing a mountain wearing North Face anytime lately.