One of the most important parts of any internship is the end. I think this can be easily overlooked but this is the time to solidify your connection to the university. Whether you are a junior/senior and will be applying for jobs soon or if you area freshman in your first internship, it is important to foster a relationship that you will maintain these relationships. Everyone always says that getting a job frequently is about connections and being in the right place at the right time. So as you end your internship keep this in mind and focus on the future and how these important skills can be applied as you build your network. Utilize email and linked in too!! Also take a look at the career opportunities, for example, some larger organizations have their own career development components and this can be really helpful in the future. I’m really enjoying building my network and feel that as I leave my internship this semester, I am prepared to even come back for more internships or apply for jobs in ther future.