Making the grade

So as we all so dearly know, we can earn credit for the interning opportunities we get. I for instance and getting 6 credits this semester for my internship. With that, comes requirements, papers, and just little updates on how the internship is going.

I am so happy that my job has been very cooperative with the assignments due.Working a a government agency is very hard, especially because may times you are working with sensitive information. So when I was told that I needed to write a 5-7 page (single spaced) research paper on sometime I am doing in my internship, it’s hard.

My supervisor and other co-workers all pitched in to find ideas for me, pull together data I could use and in the end helped me piece together enough information that I could use to write my paper.

I never knew how much a work environment is a social life. You get to know people in your office, and talk with them and work with them. It’s a way to network. It’s a way to make friends and know if you’re in a bind, they are more than welcome to help you accomplish what you need to.

Interning is not only a job. It’s a life experience that you will never regret. You get the best of both worlds where you are still schooling and slowly being introduced into the real world. You do not need to worry about paying bills, (most of you), because your parents still have you covered and once you enter the working world, you will not just be thrown to the lions.

With research papers and requirements the school gives, it makes you work harder at your job and learn more about your job than originally intended. You will be able to step out into the world with more certainty in what kind of job you would like, since the one’s you worked at in the past taught you many things.

These credit requirements are probably going to force me to learn about my internship than I ever want to know, but if I decided to continue on with this internship, then I know I really like it and see myself here in the future, and if I do not, I cannot tell myself that I did not give it my best and full effort, because I had so much information about the company, that I wholeheartedly made the right decision.