Remaining days…Lessons learned…Future plans

I am going into the last few weeks of my internship at WPAS. The work has not slowed down, however. As I begin to wrap things up, I have spent some time reflecting on what I have learned, what I had hoped to learn, and what I will differently in future internships.

What I have learned: marketing is truly creative work. There is very little “hard science” when it comes right down to it. A good marketer is someone who has had the experience and wisdom to know what their intended audience is looking for. Effective marketing is a daily, even hourly job, and one that requires constant modification of goals and “changes of plan”. If you are someone who likes routine and to remain static in a job, marketing is not for you.

What I hoped to learn: I hoped to gain more of an understanding about marketing “strategy”. Short of doing a lot of semi-related tasks and the goal of selling tickets, I never really actually felt as though I understood the overall strategy of the marketing department.

What I would have done differently: I would have asked for more work. Often times, interns are forgotten by their supervisors. This is nothing intentional or malicious on the part of supervisors, just what happens when you have an extra worker, and not enough work.

Looking towards the summer semester, I am happy to have been afforded the opportunity as artistic administration intern at Glimmerglass Opera festival in Cooperstown, NY. Perhaps I will get to blog about my experiences there as well, but until then, sayonara!!!